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The Punta Cuevas UFO - A "Repeater"?

Luis Burgos from ICOU/FAO shares some intriguing photographs with us. Was the Punta Cuevas UFO seen on two earlier occasions (Las Grutas, January '75) and Caleta Olivia (1974)? That would place it among the elite category of "repeaters" in the history of UFO study, which includes the McMinnville UFO, which had also been reported during a French saucer wave.

Readers interested in the fascinating subject of repeaters are invited to check out Timothy Green Beckley's The UFO Repeaters - Seeing is Believing over at

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Argentina: As Seen On the X-Files

Date: November 15, 2017

Argentina: As Seen on the X-Files

The Only Argentinean Photo Featured on The X-Files
By Luis Burgos (FAO-ICOU)

In 1971, Americo Lumelli, grandfather of our friend and colleague Luciano Mazzoni, opened the "El OVNI" bar in Venado Tuerto (Santa Fe), whose name made it an obligatory port of call for our entire team. It didn't take long to become famous in the national UFO circuit and even more so because Americo formed part of the CIC group (Centro de Investigaciones Cosmobiofisicas) in that community. The bar remained in business until his death in 1998. You can imagine all the subjects that were discussed there on the subject that has concerned us in 27 years of public research.

But far away and many years later, another bar with a similar name caught the attention of Argentinean researchers. In fact, the second episode of the first season of THE X-FILES featured a scene within a bar shows a UFO photo taken in Argentina - the ONLY one that appeared in the groundbreaking TV series: a shot of the Punta Cuevas saucer.

Punta Cuevas is a rocky formation with a thin strip of beach washed by the blue waters of Golfo Nuevo and located only a few kilometers from the downtown area of the lovely city of Puerto Madryn, the gateway to the Valdes Peninsula in Chubut Province. It is known as the "the landing site", as the vessel "Mimosa" arrived there in 1865 bearing 153 Welsh settlers who founded the regional communities. In fact, the Museo del Desembarco, located above the local caves, displays everything regarding this event and flies the white and blue flag, but with a red dragon in its middle - a device that flew over those shores at the time.

In late 1975, a resident of Trelew who chose to remain anonymous submitted a photo - allegedly taken in the Punta Cuevas sector - to Cuarta Dimension magazine. According to the account furnished by R.E.S. (the person's initials), he witnessed the maneuvers of a metallic object for over a minute at 15:20 hours on 18 February 1975. The object reflected the sun's light and headed eastward to the sea without making a noise. The camera employed was a Practika Pentacon using Kodak slide color film, being the second image in a series of six. At the time, the photo was analyzed by Lic. Guillermo Roncoroni, a member of Fabio Zerpa's team, and classified as QUESTIONABLE due to the lack of information provided.

In the second chapter of the first season of THE X-FILES ("Deep Throat"), the plot takes place in a bar located near the enigmatic Ellens AFB in Idaho. Mulder and Scully try to find the location from which locals are reporting triangular UFOs. What better place to do so than "The Flying Saucer" bar, owned by a woman who had not only had experiences of her own, but also fed the expectations of anyone interested in saucer affairs. Behind the bar, and only for a few seconds, we catch a glimpse of several UFO photographs...and the PUNTA CUEVAS one is among them. Strange but true. Evidently, some producer secured material from different parts of the world and came across the image from Chubut.

Taking advantage of our extensive Patagonian sojourn during the 10th Federal ICOU Event in El Bolsón, held on October 27-28, 2017, we set out with the FAO delegation that accompanied us to revisit classic case locations as we traveled, as well as to secure testimony from the Patagonian witnesses themselves. All of this, and our typical nocturnal skywatches as well. All expectations were met, to our great fortune, and such was the case with Punta Cuevas, where we manage to stand - 42 years after the original incident - at the place where the only Argentinean photo shown on the X-FILES was taken.

The local geography has clearly changed over time, but the typical vegetation of the hillocks remains. Standing in the same are, we were able to reconstruct how the incident must have taken place on that summer afternoon. The witness was at the beach, surely taking photos of the caves. When the UFO appeared, practically over his/her head, coming in from the West and heading out to sea, he or she began pressing the shutter, resulting in only the hillock and the blue sky appearing, without any other point of reference. While the photo does not say much in of itself, the fact that it appeared on the TV series will keep it alive forever, at least as a remarkable ufological curiosity from Argentina. It would have truly been extraordinary, however, if Américo had featured the Punta Cuevas photo behind his bar in Venado Tuerto!

[Translation (c) 2017, S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology]

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

El Salvador: UFO Causes Social Media Uproar

Source: Planeta UFO and
Date: November 13, 2017
Article by Iván Gómez

El Salvador: UFO Causes Social Media Uproar

An alleged unidentified flying object (UFO) was seen this weekend on the main street of San Salvador, capital city of El Salvador. The event has been the subject of much discussion among the UFO community and cybernauts alike.

It is also said that the photos were taken just as a storm was starting to form, making it possible to see the UFO at a distance - an event that has given rise to hundreds of questions.

Edgar Mazariego, an expert on the subject, said the UFO was in the sky near the Salvador del Mundo circle, a highly visible landmark in the Central American nation's capital.

Availing himself of information from the Noticias Ya website, the man said that the unidentified flying object in motion caused all citizens to turn their attention toward it, thinking at first that it could have been a comet. But [the object's] movement was far too swift to compare it with such a heavenly body, and another shining light was seen moments after. This led people to think about a possible invasion.

Meanwhile, civil aviation authorities did not put forth any statements in this regard, either to reject or accept the event. This has in turn created uncertainty among the population, which remains shocked by what has been seen over the skies of El Salvador.

Hundreds of comments were issued on social media - some in favor, supporting the theory that UFOs are increasingly closer to the human race, and others against, stating the video had been created to spread panic in the world.

PHOTO can be seen at:
VIDEO can be seen at: blob:

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Honduras: UFO Recorded Over San Pedro Sula

Source: Planeta UFO and and La
Date: November 12, 2017
Article by Ivan Gomez

Honduras: UFO Recorded over San Pedro Sula

**A UFO flew over a major street in the San Pedro Sula region of Honduras. The event has been captured on video**

Some time ago, a citizen was driving to work through downtown San Pedro Sula, Honduras. He managed to record a UFO on his cellphone, and the recording has caused a stir on the Internet.

The man shared his discovery on social media as well as with, and the news spread like wildfire. The video in question shows the unidentified flying object in detail. The recording also shows that the UFO was over a well-known store of San Pedro Sula's Tercera Avenida. It even seemed to disappear and reappear in the amateur video, as though playing with the person recording it.

The percipient even took advantage of the heavy traffic that is a trademark of the area in order to record the video, showing the unidentified flying object suspended over the skies of San Pedro Sula.

When the traffic light changed between avenues, the percipient kept driving and zoomed in on the paranormal phenomenon. What is curious is that the UFO appears to vanish completely from the recording on two separate occasions. The citizen also stated that other local residents were not aware of what was happening, or else chose to ignore it.

Hundreds of comments have been made on social media, saying it could be a hoax. Others, to the contrary, aired the popular theory about an alien invasion.

PHOTOS can be seen at:
VIDEO can be seen at:

Photos and Video (c) TVAzteca

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A Case for Underwater Aliens?

A Case for Underwater Aliens?
By Scott Corrales (c) 2017

We came from the sea. Perhaps that’s why we stare at so longingly during those long sunset walks on the beach, or those invigorating morning runs. Seeing it in the dark of night fills us with a mixture of equal parts awe and fear, beholding primeval chaos. Even though some scientists are now discussing the possibility of life having originated on land, in pits of volcanic mud, humanity’s bond to the ocean is too deep to be severed by academic theories – deep inside, we know it to be the home we long to return to.

Home it may have been once, but no more. It is the abode of massive creatures of fact and fiction: beyond the sharks and whales of sea stories and documentaries, we harbor the belief in even more fearsome creatures below the surface: the behemoths that in recent years have inspired artists to create nightmarish denizens of the depths that are too terrible to behold. Some of these creations of the human mind appear capable of swallowing not only a hapless diver or even a ship, but an entire island. The depths of the mind are as unfathomable as the abyssal deep.

Beyond these denizens of the world ocean, real or imagined, there are legends in the human past of sentient creatures living under the waves. The Sumerian culture-bearer Oannes came from beneath the water to instruct savage mankind. The Mexican codices tell us of four ages of creation prior to our own, the fourth one having been destroyed by a deluge that lasted not forty days, but fifty-two years, in which only one man and woman survived, the rest having been “turned into fishes.” The fate of this piscified humanity receives no further mention in any chronicle, and Antonio de León y Gama, who compiled them, appears not to have pursued the matter.
Other cultures have also peopled the sea with sentient beings whose lives sometimes intersect our own – Scotland gives us the Blue Men, notorious for swimming along surface vessels and luring sailors into the water. The African mermen known as the Jengu had an equally physical and spiritual nature, playing a significant role in the traditions of a number of tribes. Slavic tradition gives us the Vodianoi, who would put drowned human to work as slaves in their underwater palaces. The list goes on.

As space probes show us spectacular liquid environments to be found in distant moons like Titan and Enceladus, considerations of what sort of intelligent life may have involved under those unimaginable conditions have begun to filter through the Internet. Feverish visions of species evolving under the ice, nourished by the heat from the moon’s subsurface and shielded from cosmic radiation by layers of planetary icecap are dancing across keyboards far and wide.

But setting aside the possibility of intelligent alien life in the outer solar system, we are still left with the possibility that our species may have underwater cousins. Some of those who grew up in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s remember Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and the fearsome aquatic race known as the Sahuagin, sworn enemies of aquatic elves and worshippers of the dreaded shark-god. Little could we have imagined that such imaginary entities could have had counterparts in real life.

A Tropical Nightmare

In his recent book Solo Para Tus Ojos (For Your Eyes Only), published by Spain’s Editorial Planeta in 2016 veteran journalist and UFO researcher Juan José Benítez mentioned a 1969 case from the Caribbean island of Antigua that had been brought to his attention by a U.S. military man stationed there.

According to the soldier’s testimony, he had taken some friends to Mamora Bay, a body of water located in the southwestern shores of the island, for some nocturnal fishing. The group found a choice location among the rocks and arranged their fishing poles. As the sun went down, the soldiers became aware of a group of locals on the beach some distance away, who had lit a bonfire on the sand and stood around it forming a circle. The Americans soon realized that what they took at first to be a friendly gathering was in fact a religious ceremony: the islanders sacrificed a chicken and poured its blood into a wooden bowl, held in the hands of the celebrant, who moved away from the circle to kneel on the sand, facing the water.

“We suddenly saw someone come out of the water,” the soldier told Benítez, recalling the moment. “We were speechless. It wasn’t a skin diver. It was a person, but a lot taller. Standing over six feet tall, he walked slowly and surely toward the men in the circle.”

According to the description given, the figure was lean but well-built, with a row of large, bony plates down its spinal column. It had a tapered head and webbed feet. The entity covered the distance between the water and the group of worshippers in absolute silence. The celebrant rose to his feet and walked to the creature with the bowl of blood. It took it, raised it to its mouth, and drank the vital fluid. After returning the wooden bowl to the human, the entity turned around and retraced its steps back into the water. The locals stood in reverent silence until it vanished under the waves.

“We left our fishing gear behind and ran away,” the soldier told Benítez. “We went back the next day but there was no one there. There was no evidence of the previous evening’s events beyond the remnants of the bonfire.”

No effort was made to make inquiries from the locals (“We didn’t want to get involved”). The Spanish author notes – ominously – that it was clearly not the first time that such a ritual had been performed.

As a side note, we can add that the U.S. maintained a military presence on Antigua since the 1940s, when anti-submarine warfare was conducted against Nazi forces from the Naval air stations on the island. It is possible that Benítez's witnesses were attached to the Antigua Air Station, which closed down in 2015 after seventy years of service.

We can only pause to reflect upon such a narrative. Was the strange presence a physical creature, or a manifestation of the Yoruba deity Olokun, a sea deity more than likely still venerated by descendants of West African slaves? Or could it have been an actual representative of a colony of amphibian humanoids, long sundered from our own kind?

In the late 1970s, two Japanese construction workers had a similar experience. While fishing off the breakwater in the city of Yokosuka, the two friends were terrified at the sight of a figure that emerged straight out of the water. They described it as being neither fish nor human, standing a whopping three meters tall (9.5 ft) and covered in scaly skin. The nightmarish creature trained its yellow eyes upon the fishermen. Was it expecting a ceremonial offering of blood? We’ll never know.

Our Neighbors Underwater

Some two thousand years ago, the Roman historian Pausanias had the opportunity to witness an unusual sight: the carcass of what was described as "a Triton" --one of the sea-god Neptune's helpers--allegedly slain after having come ashore to kill the cattle of the inhabitants of the Greek city of Tanagra. Pausanias reported the creature had "hard, dense scales and stank." Some three hundred-odd years ago, Spain was abuzz with the story of some fishermen from Cádiz who had managed to capture a scaly man shaped like a fish, luring him to their nets with bits of bread. This story soon became enmeshed with the legend of the “Man-Fish of Liérganes”, the account of a man who had gone swimming one day and never seen again, until captured at sea and taken before agents of the Inquisition.

In more recent times, Charles Berlitz (the linguist, also of Bermuda Triangle fame) included a fascinating story in his book Without a Trace about the experience of a commercial diver – Bruce Mornier – who was working in the waters of the island of Bimini in the Bahamas – a possible location of fabled Atlantis, according to Berlitz. The diver and his crew some forty feet above the sandy bottom of the ocean at that location, engaged in salvage work. “A round turtle or big fish,” says the diver, “became visible and I went lower to get a good look. It turned and looked at me at a 20-degree angle.”

To his astonishment, it turned out not to be a turtle, but a long-necked creature with the general appearance of a monkey. “It looked like the face of a monkey with specially adapted eyes for underwater vision. When it got a good look at me, it took off using some form of propulsion that came from underneath.” It darted into an underwater cave and the diver dared not follow. For some reason, Mornier chose to describe the entity as “an underwater abominable snowman”, linking it to the elusive resident of the Himalayan snows for no good reason.

There is the irresistible temptation to draw connections between these putative marine humanoids and fictional works like The Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954), The Monster of Piedras Blancas (1959) and even War Gods of the Deep (1965), but the fact that underwater creatures make for good pulp cinema does not detract from the authenticity of these real life accounts. A manlike creature emerged from a river near Saginaw, Michigan in 1937; batrachian creatures were seen in the mid-1950s in Loveland, Ohio, and in 1955 a woman was very nearly dragged under the surface of the Ohio River by a huge, clawed hand.

In an issue of the late Mark Chorvinsky’s Strange Magazine, Argentinean researcher Fabio Picasso mentioned an incident – also from the 1970s – involving two law students in the coastal city of Mar del Plata whose stroll along the beach was interrupted by the appearance of several lights on the water. “To their great surprise,” writes Picasso, “the lights were in fact five beings that seemed to be in their element, because they walked gracefully. The sea water reached their chests. The creatures were dressed in old-fashioned diving suits and their heads were covered by helmets with a mask and tube going to the back. The men did not see their hands, but the closed being seemed to carry a tube. They were not more than 16.4 yards / 1.5 meters from [the onlookers’ vantage point].” One might surmise that the students actually saw divers working on some sort of offshore project, except that their respiratory devices looked remarkably similar to those allegedly worn by the creatures involved in the Pascagoula, Mississippi abduction of Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker in 1973.

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Peru: Strange Entity Recorded in Huánuco

Source: ASTROUFO PERU and Planeta UFO
Date: 11.10.17

Peru: Strange Entity Recorded in Huánuco
By Alex Sender, Astroufo

On Sunday, October 29 (2017) around 4:30 in the afternoon, Mr. Edgard Valverde was at his home located in the Cerro Cotomono sector of the province of Tingo Maria (Huánuco-Perú) and decided to take a few photographs of an approaching storm on his cellphone, hoping to capture both the sky and the outline of a mountain. He never guessed that this chance photograph would record the presence of a strange entity flying over the sector.

According to Edgard Valverde, who says it is a "flying humanoid", the strange entity appears in two of the photographs he took. In the first image it appears as though the entity was about to take flight, slightly opening its wings. In the second image, it appears with its wings against its body, flying with "full freedom and autonomy."

The entity displays characteristics that separate it from a common avian. It has a well-defined head, torso and lower extremities with feet on each side, completely black. Two eyes appear to be visible in what could be construed as its face.

Even with the elements hitherto displayed, some might suggest it is no more than an unknown bird, but how can the following detail be explained? The second photo, which shows the entity in flight, betrays the presence of a humanoid silhouette very similar to the humanoid's own shape. This would appear to be a sort of projection, or perhaps an electromagnetic or space time distortion - an unquestionably strange phenomenon that accompanies this sighting.

NOTE: The full sequence of photographs can be seen at

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez]

Argentina: A Strange Apparition in Ramada Paso (Dogman?)

Source: CORRIENTES HOY (Argentina)and Andrés Salvador
Date: 11.10.2017

Argentina: A Strange Apparition in Ramada Paso (Dogman?)

Voluntary fire brigades reported to Ramada Paso to fight a wildfire that broke out in the pastures. They were treated to the sight of a strange apparition.

Reporting to an emergency call, the Volunteer fire brigade left it headquarters last Monday (11.06) at 17:30 and headed for Kilometer 1084 of Route 12 in the jurisdiction of Ramada Paso.

Entering the property to fight the blaze, two women firefighters saw what they described as an upright dog, much larger than the normal ones, standing in a eucalyptus grove around 19:00 hours. They found this disturbing, and it surprised the entire crew.

Having notified their crew chief of this event, they were ordered to retreat to the fire truck while a second crew headed out from [the town of] Itatí toward the site. Upon reaching the field, they swept it with their floodlights but didn't see a thing - not a trace of the unknown quantity that had startled the firefighters.

[Note: The newspaper wisely avoids any speculation, but could the uprignt dog had been the legendary "lobizón" - the Argentinean Dogman? Or perhaps the less frightening Aguara Guasu (Chrysocyon brachyurus), the maned wolf known to walk on its two hind legs? We look forward to follow-ups on the story. Our thanks to Andrés Salvador for bringing it to our attention! -- SC]

[Translation (c) 2017, Scott Corrales, IHU]

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Argentina: The Route 5 Teleportation Quandary

Source: Planeta UFO and Diario Popular
Date: 11.07.2017
Article by Sebastián Aranguren

Argentina: The Route 5 Teleportation Quandary

To drive along the segment of National Route 4 connecting Trenque Lauquen and Santa Rosa can lead to unforeseen situations, such as instantaneously going from kilometer 460 to the kilometer 580 marker, a circumstance that leads to surprise, incredulity and even fear -- all of this arising from an experience that UFO researchers have dubbed teleportation.

In truth, the episodes regarding this phenomenon, which affects conventional vehicles and trucks alike, still has not been given a definite explanation by ufologists, who acknowledge that this segment of the highway is an area in which teleportation occurs and has considerable history.

There was a free for all of case histories of these events between January and December 2012, after which teleportation reports subsided and ceased to be of interest to the media. However, no one can say they do not occur, or that those who experience them refuse to tell their stories.

Luis Burgos of Investigadores de Campo Unidos (ICOU) believes teleportation is a phenomenon anchored to Route 5, which has historically been the epicenter of prominent UFO cases, although there is a lack of probative elements that can serve to build a theory aimed at explaining the anomaly.

"With the exception of the area UFO resarchers call 'El Nido' (The Nest), located between Routes 11 and 36 of the Province of Buenos Aires, Route 5 and the communities located in the province of La Pampa are, without a doubt, prone to a variety of UFO experiences, of which teleportations are one of the most interesting episodes," said Burgos to Diario Popular.

Burgos, who also heads the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO), an organization that conducted a number of UFO research endeavors in the sphere of influence of the aforementioned roadway, believes "we are hitherto unable to put forth any hypothesis about what happens there" in spite of the abundance of material that has been collected.

The researcher noted that the mystery of teleportations worldwide, and obviously along the 550 kilometer length of the road connecting Luján in Buenos Aires with Santa Rosa lies with the phenomenon called "missing time" - the absence of awareness by drivers, passengers and truck drivers as they traverse the phenomenon.

"This missing time," explained Burgos, delving into the characteristics of the anomaly, “is a strange situation that leads the experiencer to be unaware of the way in which they have been teleported several kilometers in a matter of seconds".
The expert stressed that the UFO libraries posit two forms of teleportation: "One is atemporal teleportation, in which the protagonist takes minutes, even hours, in regaining awareness in a location far removed from the one he or she was in before. The other," he added, “is instantaneous teleportation, which is the kind that usually occurs on Route 5 when drivers are not even aware that they have experienced the phenomenon, suddenly becoming aware when they see a mile marker or road sign that tells them they have traversed an unexpected distance in a matter of seconds".

The research by FAO member Diego Sánchez uncovered the case of Carlos Colón, a car mechanic who was driving is '98 Chevy pickup truck near the 465 kilometer marker on Route 5 on 25 August 1999. He was suddenly gripped by an unbearable buzzing sound that he ascribed to an electrical problem affecting the vehicle's radio.

Endeavoring to find an answer to the problem and keep listening to music on the FM band, he pulled over to the shoulder. Suddenly, he was startled to see humanoid figures approaching him within a sort of screen. He sought protection from the unknown by getting out of the vehicle and sheltering beside it. Terrified, he saw how minutes later, the screen and the humanoids within it vanished as if by magic. However, the mechanic would find that he was viewing this standing at a barbed wire fence several meters distant from the pickup truck, nor could he ever figure out how he reached the location he was finally at.

He ran to the pickup truck and took off quickly, feeling a sensation of extreme exhaustion which he would later explain to the physicians who attended to him as "a full body ache." He also felt dizzy, as though there had been a spike in his blood pressure. He recovered from this discomfort once the stressful moment came to an end.

"While Colón's experience is one of the more extreme cases, being that it includes the presence of humanoids, his subsequent feelings are common to those felt by all those who have experienced teleportation on Route 5, including the overwhelming tiredness," Burgos noted.

He also stressed that those who were about to experience the phenomenon would see fog along the road, sometimes in the shape of a whirlwind, specifying that the locations most prone to this sort of event, and others of a more UFO-related bent, are the localities of Catriló, Lonquimay, La Gloria, Uriburo and Anguil in La Pampa and Trenque Lauquén in Buenos Aires.

Returning to the research of "missing time" experiences, the FAO and ICOU leader underscored that these anomalies usually occur in broad daylight, in open areas, and in greater numbers toward Catriló and Santa Rosa. As far as the research conducted by his group is concerned, this area is known as "segment 4" of the Route 5.

Moreover, and based on the materials kept in his files, Burgos noted that "numerous UFO cases have occurred within Route 5's sphere of influence," adding that the first teleportation event in the country occurred in late 1959, only scant kilometers from Bahia Blanca.

There is the story of a man who drove his car along National Route 3 and suddenly felt very tired after seeing a purple light that managed to pierce through a dense fogbank - fog that had no business being there that time of the year. The man awoke to find himself on the ground, in a place that was not the province of Buenos Aires and worse yet, with his car nowhere in sight. While it was hard to understand, the reason was quite simple: He was in Salta (1800 kilometers distant), as a friendly truck driver informed him, and his car, as the Buenos Aires police would attest, was on the shoulder of Route 3, and still running.

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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Chile: UFO Sightings Over Port Natales Cause Curiosity and Fear

Source: Planeta UFO and La Prensa Austral (Chile)
Date: Sunday, October 29, 2017

Chile: UFO Sightings Over Port Natales Cause Curiosity and Fear

** Phenomenon has been occurring since September **
**"Flying Saucers" reported in the Sierra Dorotea sector and on the roads of Huertos Familiares **

Reports of unidentified flying objects in the skies over the province of Ultima Esperanza began to emerge in the month of September of this year, causing a blend of curiosity and fear.

Patricio Frias, a representative for UFO Noise Patagonia (a body devoted to researching anomalous phenomena), stated that a light had been reported on 9 September 2017 in Sierra Dorotea, suspended halfway up the mountain and emitting bright flashes in broad daylight. The foregoing was witnessed for about 10 minutes by witnesses in the Camino Tres sector of Huertos Familiares.

On 28 September, an inter-provincial bus driver witnesses and alleged craft in the Camino 4 sector of Huertos Familiares, northwest of the city of Puerto Natales. The vehicle allegedly made a close flyby of the bus before speeding off toward the north. In this case, the witness managed to take three photographs showing the object's maneuvers.

Finally on Wednesday, 18 October at around 23:00 hours, witnesses in Camino 4 of Huertos Familiares saw a light toward the Teniente Julio Gallardo airport. The particulars of these events are being analyzed in Santiago by the AION group led by renowned researcher Rodrigo Fuenzalida.

Patricio Frias noted that "there is an increase in phenomena of this sort around this time of the year, and we call upon the community to be on the lookout and forward any information to our attention at, whether it involves reports, photographs or video evidence."

Persons interested in these matters can explore it more fully at the ufologist's "Realidades del cosmos" Facebook page. Moreover, stories from those who have experienced phenomena of this sort can be heard on the program broadcasted on Wednesdays from 22:00 hours on Viento Sur radio.

[Translation © 2017 S. Corrales, IHU, with thanks to Guillermo Giménez]

Chile: "Patagonia is Being Visited by an Intelligence We Cannot Understand"

Source: Planeta UFO and Tiempo Sur (
Date: 10.25.2017

Chile: "Patagonia is Being Visited by an Intelligence We Cannot Understand"

These were the words spoken to TS-Digital by Patricio Frias, director of UFO Noise Patagonia. His group is devoted to the study and diffusion of the subject of UFOs in the region. In an interview, he explained the area is 'visited' by entities due to its high electromagnetic energy and mineral deposits.

Patricio Frias is a regional ufologist and director of the UFO Noise Patagonia organization, a group responsible for collecting reports and disseminating cases involving sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects as well as manifestations, chases and encounters involving these "entities". TS-Digital interviewed Frias, who explained the nature of his work for the organization and why the region boasts some of the highest numbers of sightings. He noted that "Patagonia is visited by an intelligence we cannot understand", while explaining that the phenomena occur due to the large amount of water and mineral reserves. As documented by UFO Noise, at least 150 anomalous events have taken place in the region.

TS-Digital asked why such considerable numbers of sightings occur in Patagonia, featuring such locations as Laguna Azul, which has aroused curiosity and been the source of myths and legends. "There is a biosphere reservation. This sight concentrates the greatest quantity of minerals and fresh water," he explained, stressing the areas. He maintains that many witnesses have seen lights descending into rivers and lakes to draw out "fluids that are essential for life in the Universe." Coal is produced in localities close to Puerto Natales or Rio Turbio, twin cities. There are places and geographical areas containing great mineral wealth and it has been ascertained that electromagnetic transmissions occur there," said UFO Noise's director.

When asked specifically about Laguna Azul, he replied with an anecdote that had reached this community from a traveler. "They told me that considerable energy is produced in the spot where the phenomenon occurs. I have been told about the presence of humanoid species in the area. A townsman from Natales was driving along in his truck, frightened. He told us about what he'd seen on the road, two people walking in brilliant helmets with lights on their foreheads. As the driver approached these beings, he realized they were out of the ordinary. Their height was in excess of two and a half meters (8 feet)."

During another section of the interview, he was asked why Patagonia is the source for so many myths and reports in the field of ufology. He replied that Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia "are visited by an intelligence we cannot understand."

"There are many cases in all over the world and each region reports beings of different shapes. These beings, who are tall, dressed and with lights on top, have been seen in Patagonia. We are linked to the subject of beings who appear underground. There's something going on with minerals, some sort of element they're extracting."

UFO Noise operates out of Puerto Natales and since 1997 it has researched cases and disseminated information on assorted eyewitness reports and experiences over radio and television. These range from sightings and pursuits [by UFOs] to possible encounters with the occupants of objects landing throughout the various geographical regions of the area. They have been in touch with AION (Agrupación de Investigacion Ovnilogica Nacional), the organization lead by the renowned national and international ufologist Rodrigo Fuenzalida with the aim of exchanging and analyzing film and photo evidence of cases that have found their way to the media.

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU, with thanks to Guillermo Giménez]